What is Khudara?

Khudara Bill is a Inventory & Billing software & Retail ERP Solution
, We bring a wealth of domain and technology expertise from different verticals i,e, Retail ERP, Inventory,Garments Software ,Shop Billing Software,Manufacturing Software,Krishi Upaj Mandi Agent Software,Restaurant Billing Software,etc
We have a team that is as diversified in skill sets as it is experienced
We take tremendous pride in our breadth of perspectives, our willingness to innovate, and our ability to collaborate effectively with our customers
ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”
The core principle of ERP is to consolidate the pieces of software you use throughout your business into one single, unified suite that takes care of everything your business needs from end to end
The practice of ERP originated in manufacturing but has rapidly become essential to the management of a retail business

Team of Khudara

Khudara Bill has talented team of developers and designers for building any complex software solution, like Retail ERP ,Shop Billing ,Garments Software etc. The team Khudara Bill of a IT technology developers consist of experienced and innovative programmers and designers that are skilled in building complex, secure and engaging applications.


Product planning, cost
Manufacturing or service delivery
Marketing and sales
Inventory management
Shipping and payment

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